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Intepost Solutions was founded to support the fulfillment of the fast growing eCommerce industry. We have developed a reliable efulfillment network specifically for the B2C sector of eCommerce.

Intepost Solutions, a specialist in B2C efulfillment, brings the full suite of solutions to its customers, ranging from a direct Dropship program to other value added solutions like consolidation and storage. We provide e-tailers with innovative and flexible solutions that suit the various business models of e-tailers.

Intepost Solutions understands the needs of e-tailers and their customers. Hence, we simplify the shipping process to bring the most convenience to our customers by making it possible for our customers to track all shipments in our website, regardless of the type of services selected by customers. We work hard for our customers so that they and their customers can enjoy absolute peace of mind when Intepost Solutions is in charge of their efulfillment.
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